Rametrix™ Urine Screen for Bladder Cancer

About Bladder Cancer

Bladder cancer is common and is the most costly type of cancer to treat. There are currently over 577,400 patients under treatment in the US. Bladder cancer is especially common in smokers and in certain industrial settings (plastics manufacturing, trucking). The earlier it is detected, the better are the chances it can be controlled. Unfortunately, many people (40% of cases) don’t realize bladder cancer is developing until it causes clinical signs, like blood in urine. There are no widely-used tests or screening procedures for early detection.

Rametrix™ is an Effective Screen for Bladder Cancer

DialySensors, Inc. has recently invented and extensively validated Raman Chemometric Urinalysis (Rametrix™) to analyze urine and to screen for the presence and stage of bladder cancer. The Rametrix™ screen has >90% sensitivity and >90% specificity for detecting late-stage bladder cancer. 

Rametrix™ is Simple and Inexpensive

Rametrix™ technology uses off-the-shelf, low-profile Raman spectrometers, our proprietary computational tools, and our extensive patient database. No sample preparation of urine specimens is required, only a single collection is needed, results are available in about 5 minutes, and the analysis can be performed for less than $1 per specimen. 

More Information

The slide show below provides a description of how Rametrix™ works in Bladder Cancer screening.  Our 2-page White Paper with expanded information is also available for download below.  Please contact us with further inquiries.

White Paper Download

The following is our full 2-page White Paper describing the  Rametrix™ urine screen for Bladder Cancer

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