Intellectual Properties

System and Method for Monitoring the Health of Dialysis Patients. US Patent Application 20170045455 (filed April 23, 2015)

Raman-Urinalysis for Detection of Kidney Disease.  Provisional US Patent Application 62/618,888 filed by Virginia Tech Intellectual Properties (VTIP 18-077) (filed January 18, 2018)

Raman-Urinalysis for Detection of Bladder Cancer.  Provisional US Patent Application 62/618,879 filed by Virginia Tech Intellectual Properties (VTIP 18-076) (filed January 18, 2018)

Journal Articles

Assessing urine specimen stability and storage strategies by Raman spectroscopy (2018) Under Review.

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Conference Presentations

Senger RS, Fisher AK, Bevan DR (2017) Raman spectroscopy and peptide-guided surface enhanced Raman scattering (pgSERS) in metabolic and enzyme engineering. Society of Industrial Microbiology. Denver, CO

Senger RS, Robertson JL (2017) Raman molecular urinalysis. ACS BIOT. San Francisco, CA

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